The Southwest Companion Pass Demystified: Free Flying at Your Fingertips

Okay, prepare for your mind to be blown because the Southwest Companion Pass is basically the golden ticket to double the fun, double the adventures, and double the memories! It’s a game-changing perk offered by Southwest Airlines that allows you to bring a designated companion with you on Southwest flights for almost free! Yes, you read that right, my fellow travel besties. It’s time to shout “woohoo!” and start planning those unforgettable buddy trips!

How Does It Work?

Here’s the scoop on how to unlock this travel treasure:

1. Earn the Pass:

To score the Southwest Companion Pass, you need to earn a specific amount of qualifying points within a calendar year. The threshold is either 135,000 qualifying points or completing 100 qualifying flights. Once you achieve this milestone, you’ll be shouting “companion pass, here I come!” from the mountaintops. There is also a top secret hidden way that I’ll explain later!

2. Choose Your BFF:

Now comes the fun part—selecting your travel BFF! You’ll get to designate one person as your companion for the duration of your pass. Whether it’s your partner-in-crime, your sibling, or your best friend, this lucky person will get to fly with you on Southwest flights for just the cost of taxes and fees which total out to about $11 each roundrip. Talk about an epic adventure duo!

3. Double the Adventure, Halve the Cost:

Once you’ve earned your Southwest Companion Pass and designated your travel BFF, the savings begin. Whenever you book a flight on Southwest—whether it’s paid for with cash or points—your companion gets to fly with you for almost free! They just have to cover the taxes and fees, which are usually minimal. It’s like having a permanent travel partner without emptying your wallet!

4. Unlimited Usage and Flexibility:

The best part? The Southwest Companion Pass has no limits on the number of times you can use it. You can take your travel BFF along on all your Southwest adventures, from weekend getaways to cross-country explorations. Plus, you have the flexibility to change your designated companion up to three times during the validity of your pass. It’s all about keeping those travel vibes fresh and exciting!

Unlocking the Southwest Companion Pass:

Ready to embark on this incredible journey with your travel BFF? Here’s how to maximize your chances of earning the Southwest Companion Pass:

1. Strategize Your Credit Card Spending:

One of the fastest ways to earn qualifying points is through Southwest’s Rapid Rewards credit cards. By strategically using these cards for everyday expenses and taking advantage of their sign-up bonuses, you’ll be well on your way to racking up those points and earning the pass.

If you open The Southwest Personal Card right now you’ll receive 60,000 points that qualify toward companion pass! I recommend also opening a Southwest Business Card- which earns a sign-up bonus of 80,000 points- aka 140,000 points which will get you the companion pass! What if I don’t own a business? Have you sold anything on Facebook marketplace, baby sat for anyone and got paid, or house-sit and received money? Then congrats! You qualify! For more information on how to open a business card click here. 

2. Optimize Business Travel:

If you frequently travel for work, those qualifying flights can count towards earning the Southwest Companion Pass. Make sure to provide your Rapid Rewards number when booking your business flights, and watch your progress soar!

3. Plan Ahead:

Timing is key! To make the most of your Southwest Companion Pass, aim to earn it early in the calendar year. This way, you can enjoy its benefits for almost two years— the year you earn it and the entire following year. If I earn it in February 2023, I’ll have it until December 31, 2024!

4. Embrace Southwest’s Network:

Southwest Airlines offers an extensive network of domestic and international destinations. By exploring their route map and taking advantage of their flight options, you’ll have a wide array of exciting places to explore with your travel BFF.

Ready to create lifelong memories with your travel BFF? The Southwest Companion Pass is your golden ticket to double the adventures, double the laughter, and double the fun! Earn the pass, choose your companion, and get ready to jet-set across the globe while only paying taxes and fees for your companion’s flight. It’s a game-changing perk that will have you and your travel BFF living your best lives. So, pack your bags, grab your favorite travel buddy, and let the epic adventures begin—because with the Southwest Companion Pass, the sky’s the limit! ✈️❤️

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