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What’s up fella’s! So, you’re in Chicago for a day, who knows why- maybe a layover on a flight or some other crazy reason. Either way- get ready for the ultimate Chicago in a day itinerary. Where I will help you find all the cool things you can do if you’re stuck in the windy city for 24 hours.

Chicago in a day: Morning

A little back story on why I’m making this. It’s because I’ve done it! Last December, Southwest Airlines, had a HUGE sale on flights. My boyfriend and I were able to fly from Nashville to Chicago for only $19 one way! I also have the companion pass so my boyfriend got to fly FOR FREE! So in all we flew to Chicago and back for the day for less than $40. Talk about a steal.

But lets go ahead and talk about one HUGE mistake we made when we got there… we didn’t use the trains. We UBER’D everywhere, which totally brought our total expenses for the day to be $$250 higher than if we had just taken the train. To be honest, we are sstill very novice travelers, I’ve never been anywhere that had a trains or subways so it completely missed my mind.

Alright, now that you know to take the trains and NOT Uber, lets get into what we did whether I would do it again orrrrr not.

First off- we started the day by taking an Uber from the Chicago Midway Airport to Downtown Chicago. Now remember this too- we did this in DECEMBER!!! Yes, we did freeze our butts off- Chicago isn’t called the windy city for nothing. Once we got to downtown Chicago we went to the Bean!

How to do Chicago in a day! this is a picture of us in front of the bean, a sculpture that is in downtown chicago

I will say the bean is pretty cool. I’d do it again because its the staple of Chicago. I recommend walking under it and looking up, definitely weird vibes.

Next, we walked around some of the souvenir shops of Chicago. I know what youre thinking, “OMG who actually buys those gimmicks” and the answer- Us. Listen ever since me and my boyfriend have gone on trips we decided we were going to get an ornament in every place. So what do you think our chicago ornament is of? If you guessed the bean, youre correct.

Once we spent a pretty penny in one of the souvenir shops, we decided to walk to our next destination…the sky deck! If you’re someone who freezes on a 60 degree breeze, do not walk. take the train, subway, idk just don’t put yourslef through that misery. From the bean, the sky deck is about a mile walk. I about froze my end off, and yes I wore like 5 layers of clothes!!

Now, the skydeck, If it’s a foggy day, don’t do it. It’s about $40 per person, and the museum itself isn’t worth that. Was it a foggy day when we did it? YUP! Definitely not worth the trip, but hey we have some weird pictures of us floating in the clouds now. Oh and DO NOT buy the pictures they try to sell you on, like $20 for a bad picture of yourself at a weird angle- definitely not worth it. Just take pictures with your phone, thats all you need.

We ate in the first level at the sky deck and got donuts, gotta say they were pretty good!

After the sky deck we had planned to visit the ChristKindlMarket, which is kind of Chicago’s take on the Christmas Markets that you can see and go to in Europe. We made our way around the downtown buildings to where it was set up and HOLY COW THE LINES! If you have any plans at all to do the Christkindlmarket get in line EARLY, I also saw they’re doing a fast pass system this year, so recommend doing that instead of standing in hours upon hours of lines. So, sadly due to our 12 hour time limit, we did not stand in line to go to the market.

Instead, we went and had one of things Chicao is most known for- the Chicago Deep dish! When you look up Chicago deep dish- two places come up. Giordano’s and Lou Malnati’s. Giordano’s has a place in Vegas, where I had been and since I am a huge pizza lover, had already tried. So, we decided to try Lou Malnati’s.

Here is my take on the deep dish, get Giordano’s, yeah the one time i tried it was in vegas and not in Chicago, and yes each person has their own opinion. But our Lou Malnati’s trip was not the best. We of course ordered the deep dish, so theres a wait, which is fine, we both know it’ll be a bit before we get a deep dish pizza. Then ours comes out and the waiter says our pizza burned, so we had to wait again for a whole other pizza. So, we had to wait twice as long, and I’m not gonna lie, it was subpar to the one that I had in Vegas. Yes, the mix up was just because our pizza was burned, but I would still rather choose Giordano’s than Lou Malnati’s.

After we ate we decided to walk around some more, I mean we are from Kentucky, we don’t have cities like this back at home. Then we decided to hit up the science museum.

The Chicago science museum was… interesting. A lot of the interactive exhibits that wouldv’e been really cool to do were shut down. I’m not for sure why. But it was still a neat place to visit and we spend the rest of our time until was time to go back to the airport here! It was also decorated for Christmas, which was really cute too!

Chicago in a day; Would we do it again?

Okay, heres the truth. Yes, I would do the Sky deck again if it wasn’t a foggy day. Yes I’d visit the bean again. I think I’d skip Lou Malnatti’s for Giordano’s next time. and I would do the science musuem again if i had a kid with me. I think one time is enough for an adult, instead I’d try to go to the field museum instead!

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